Summer 2015

Residents have been enjoying this Summer with many outdoor picnics and outings for ice cream. A special grant was obtained from Cayuga Community Fund  to utilize the Scat Van.  So residents have traveled to Tom Thumbs on Owasco Lake, Doug's Fish Fry in Skaneateles, and Dee Dee's in Moravia.  There are plenty of more outings planned for the remainder of the year - like Fall Rides to see the leaves changing colors and in December, rides around the City of Auburn to see Christmas Lights.

This time of year brings one of God's miracles to The Home. The Monarch Butterfly. The Administrator, Christina Cummings-Shattuck, travels the roadside to find the Monarch caterpillar or eggs on the milkweed plant.  Once found, they are brought in for the residents to enjoy and watch the amazing cycle from egg to caterpillar to pupa to Monarch Butterfly and then released to migrate to Mexico.  It's a fun activity as well as educational.

Summertime also brings about the thought process - what projects do we need to take care of or do to update our facility?  The Board of Trustees and Board of Managers are creating their list and looking into adding more private/semi-private restrooms, sprucing up the dining room and activity room just to name a few. Their priorities are to maintain this 1865 building from the Civil War in keeping it "homey", safe yet moving forward with conveniences for the residents.