Spring 2016

Renovations are happening at "The Home"!!!  We are completing the last phase of adding private restrooms on the 2nd floor. A huge thank-you to the Board of Trustees for making this possible. When the project is completed that will bring our capacity to 54 private rooms with 11 having a private restroom, 8 with a semi-private restroom and the rest of the rooms having a shared restroom within 10 feet of the resident room.  Overall the shared restrooms average 2-3 people using them.  When I first started working here (28 years ago) there were only 2 private restrooms and 1 semi-private restroom. 

And this is really neat - during the initial tearing down of the walls, the contractor found 3 postcards postmarked April of 1957.  They had been sent to a resident here by the name of Mary Stewart. 

We're also excited about the installation of our new dining room floor.  Our Board of Managers worked hard on getting Grants to purchase new tables and chairs. Through the Department of Health Equal Program, we were able to obtain monies for new flooring and dinnerware. We have gone with a color scheme of "gray, light green and beige".

So things continue to happen here in our facility.  As a former resident once hollered out while playing in "The Home" Kitchen Band on the back of a truck in the Auburn Memorial Day Parade - "We may be old, but we're not dead yet"!!!!         Come check us out and see for yourself!!!!