Summer 2016

We have completed the last renovation project involving the addition of private restrooms on the 2nd floor as well as new flooring in the main hallway.  Things are looking elegant, homey and inviting for our residents.  Our excitement these past few months was the making of a commercial for the Channel 3 news "Our Town" segment.  You can view this in our gallery section. Residents enjoyed being in it and I think the 30 seconds well represents what The Home is all about.  Looking ahead, we are planning an Open House in October to show off our facility and all that we have to offer.  Tours will be given that day. Be sure to check back here or check our Facebook page for more information as it gets closer.

Spring 2016

Renovations are happening at "The Home"!!!  We are completing the last phase of adding private restrooms on the 2nd floor. A huge thank-you to the Board of Trustees for making this possible. When the project is completed that will bring our capacity to 54 private rooms with 11 having a private restroom, 8 with a semi-private restroom and the rest of the rooms having a shared restroom within 10 feet of the resident room.  Overall the shared restrooms average 2-3 people using them.  When I first started working here (28 years ago) there were only 2 private restrooms and 1 semi-private restroom. 

And this is really neat - during the initial tearing down of the walls, the contractor found 3 postcards postmarked April of 1957.  They had been sent to a resident here by the name of Mary Stewart. 

We're also excited about the installation of our new dining room floor.  Our Board of Managers worked hard on getting Grants to purchase new tables and chairs. Through the Department of Health Equal Program, we were able to obtain monies for new flooring and dinnerware. We have gone with a color scheme of "gray, light green and beige".

So things continue to happen here in our facility.  As a former resident once hollered out while playing in "The Home" Kitchen Band on the back of a truck in the Auburn Memorial Day Parade - "We may be old, but we're not dead yet"!!!!         Come check us out and see for yourself!!!!

Summer 2015

Residents have been enjoying this Summer with many outdoor picnics and outings for ice cream. A special grant was obtained from Cayuga Community Fund  to utilize the Scat Van.  So residents have traveled to Tom Thumbs on Owasco Lake, Doug's Fish Fry in Skaneateles, and Dee Dee's in Moravia.  There are plenty of more outings planned for the remainder of the year - like Fall Rides to see the leaves changing colors and in December, rides around the City of Auburn to see Christmas Lights.

This time of year brings one of God's miracles to The Home. The Monarch Butterfly. The Administrator, Christina Cummings-Shattuck, travels the roadside to find the Monarch caterpillar or eggs on the milkweed plant.  Once found, they are brought in for the residents to enjoy and watch the amazing cycle from egg to caterpillar to pupa to Monarch Butterfly and then released to migrate to Mexico.  It's a fun activity as well as educational.

Summertime also brings about the thought process - what projects do we need to take care of or do to update our facility?  The Board of Trustees and Board of Managers are creating their list and looking into adding more private/semi-private restrooms, sprucing up the dining room and activity room just to name a few. Their priorities are to maintain this 1865 building from the Civil War in keeping it "homey", safe yet moving forward with conveniences for the residents.


2015 Spring is just around the CORNER!!!

It has been a very cold, cold winter but our residents have kept busy with the many activities offered on a daily basis.  We received a lovely donation to purchase new games - like Bowling, Checkers, and other board games for the residents.  But, we are looking forward to warmer weather and sitting on the front porch. Hot Dog Roasts and The Strawberry Festival!!! 

Winter is a good time for projects to be completed. New flooring on the 3rd Main Floor and the Board of Trustees acted upon a suggestion from the Resident Council to install an ice/water dispenser for resident use.


Summertime at The Home

I'm happy to say that we have completed our newest project of incorporating private restrooms in resident rooms!!!!   Now, we can enjoy the Summer months to come.  The residents are enjoying picnics and trips to local ice cream shoppes as well as our in house activities of bowling, bingo, arts and crafts and so much more!!!!!    We're all patiently waiting for the construction of a new sign representing The Home that will be placed in the front yard along with a new flag pole. This particular project is being made possible by an anonymous donation.  Thanks to all who believe in our services and help us with the cause!!!!!

Renovation Almost Done!!!!!

Our renovation project is coming along great.  We have been working on the 3rd floor upgrading 3 resident rooms with new flooring, new paint, new light fixtures AND private restroom.  Two of the rooms will share a semi-private restroom. This would make the perfect suite for a couple - where one room could be a living room and the other their bedroom.   Just think - a couple could relax in their private suite, not worry about maintenance of a home and have their meals provided, laundry done, rooms cleaned, cable included, come and go as they please all for one affordable monthly cost. Aging together, holding hands as it should be!!!!!

Strawberry Festival

It's that time of year - we have set the date for our annual Strawberry Festival for our dear residents and their families.  It will be June 21st from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.   Tammy Angotti, Activity Director will be giving invitations to the residents to mail out inviting their family and friends.

This event is put on by The Board of Managers as a way to say "Thank-You" to the families that chose our facility to place their loved one.  Hope to see you there!!!!!!!